Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, I am alive... FJORG!!!!!!

Just got back from New Orleans a few days ago for Siggraph 2009 and FJORG! If you don't know what FJORG! is, it's basically like Iron Chef, but instead of making food, you make an animated film. Each team has only 32 hours to make it, any you have no idea what the topic will be. This year it was "great expectations".


You can read more and see the final films here:

One of our teammates, Jae, unfortunately got his flight canceled at the last minute and he couldn't make it in until 7 hours into the competition. The topic would get announced at 9 am Monday morning, and his first flight left at 10am. We quickly came up with a plan.

The minute "great expectations" was announced, we called Jae and worked with him over the phone, brainstorming. Three hours later he landed in DC, and we shared our ideas. We managed to narrow it down to one idea before he got on the next flight. Since there wasn't much Jae could do on the plane, we had him rest so he would be fresh and ready to animate when he arrived.

It actually worked out very well. Even with all that trouble, somehow we managed to finish two hours early! We used the remaining time to tweak the sound.

Major props to my awesome teammates Ryan Fernan and Jae Park; we were a well-oiled animation machine :D

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